M Teresa Clayton


M Teresa Clayton is a prolific poet specializing in mystic verse. Two books of verse, & the Snow Falls & Mystic Verses, have created a following of devout readers. Her book of short stories, STORYTELLER, made it into the top 20 of Lulu picks.

But her latest work JUDITH is by far the most impressive! A novella that quickly catches your attention & carries you into the depths of your own reflection within that looking-glass. She is macabre, haunting, & brilliantly adept at making her stories your own. You’ll never look at a mirror the same way – hell, you’ll never look ‘into’ a mirror the same way! M Teresa Clayton is a writer to watch & remember. -William S. Avery

“When a poem is created, the veil between what is being felt and what is being written is lifted and you are, at once, walking amidst the ethereal. When the mind and the mist come together to form a picture with words or to elicit a feeling with rhythm and rhyme, you have been transported to the world of poetry, a place that defies the rules of order and invites you walk among the complexities of mere thought.” – M Teresa Clayton

As a poet and author M. Teresa Clayton captures the heart, mind and soul of her readers and shares the wonders of what great writing and especially poetry can provide. Ms Clayton dances between reality and the surreal universe of life that takes all who dare to cling to her coat tails along for a ride through and past the reality of life. Her first book “And The Snow Falls” opened her readers up to the beauty of love and life as she experienced it, Mystic Verses promises more of this plus a temptation to feel all of the emotions that M. Teresa Clayton offers in her work. Few will forget the bold images, mind blowing passages and the essence of her work. – Felix L. Perry (Author of Red Soil, In Deep Water, The Canadian Loyalists)

Mystic verses – is a mist from a nearby waterfall, flowing into the pit of a dark valley. Many don’t know its existence, but some wander in from time to time. Poetic, mysterious, sweet and dark; where every writer deserves to enjoy a shadow’s view, watching, waiting….and enjoying the silent flow of words. A brilliant writer. – Tabitha Carter (Author of The Prince of Pierre Book Series – Walls of a Wasteland,

Mixed and Betwixt

O, there are the long lists of reasons why –

Gratitude mixed between… betwixt tolerance low and expectations high.

On and on they search for that unfound ‘try’

Counting ‘thank yous’ and ‘can’t dos’ equally, while the reasons fade away and die.