Empirical eye
Surveying the landscape
Taking in Oxygen
And Carbon Dioxide
A phantoms lair
Clouds both far
And persistent
Heart pumping blood
Blood Red
Arteries Pink
Poppies red glare
Fireworks in Night
Shrouded at burial

Cathedrals of
Dull light
The Shine
Never seen
An altar untrodden
The Cross rusts
In splendor

What Gold is worth having?Which God should we
Pray to?
The true path
Or pleasure?
Burnt entrails
Or paper?
Words or Refraction?

Geometry rationed
Baths full of water
A Crystal Enigma
Death of an Empire
Sleep for salvation
Beds in a
Straight Line
Elements of fire
Nurses starched uniforms
Lust then Desire
Nil by Mouth written
Keep head or
Leg higher
Laugh as you’re dying
And stare out the window

©All right reserved to John Prastitis