Ode To The State Of Utah

I’d like to thank the state of Utah
For the things my kids went through
They didn’t like that I wasn’t Mormon
So they gave my kids to you
The nightmare started the day the judge
Slammed down his mighty fist
Even though the caseworker said “non removable”
That judge, he was pissed
They didn’t see us watch you die
Or lay you in the ground
All the years you work so hard
That judge wasn’t around
But he threw down his gavial
He said that it was free
Those survivors benefits
That you left for me
So he picked a Mormon family
One that he had wronged
And three little happy kids
Were crying before long
Oh how they did beat them
And for months they weren’t fed
Just to get the memory of Mommy
Out of their stubborn heads
The years how they grew longer
Their father he’ll never be
That bastard is raping my daughter still
But their a Mormon family
My kids were beat for many years
And the food the “mother” did hide
For years they barley ate a thing
With no one on their side
I often wonder about the judge
Who thought he was god
Did not one court person ever
Think his practices were odd
Yet I’m left picking up the pieces
Of an old man and his rage
One that’s never held a baby
Under his rib cage
Will he stand before our savior
And answer for what he’s done?
I hope that bastard burns in a hell
Hotter than the sun!!!

©All right reserved to Holly Bangert Lucas