The darkness inches its way past midnight
And the campfire settles down so much
That only the logs retain their red glow

Where are the bright flames that have been burning
On my tongue with such hot intensity
That a single spark could quickly ignite
A wildfire in one’s imagination?
Has my long-burning pain scorched my spirit
To a point when words are but ash in my mouth?

As scarlet glow vanishes from the logs
My pondering gaze turns to star-lit sky
The moon’s vexing absence from my vision
Seems cause enough to abandon the fire
Wind, trees and shadows now dance to music
To which I cannot recite the lyrics

From the caverns of my psyche, a sound,
A resonating roar drives itself forth
Echoing through my thoughts and memory
This voice guides my focus to the tiger
A herald to Jehovah’s majesty
And I feel new warmth burning in my heart

The last pillars of smoke from the campfire
Ascend heavenward to seek out the moon
And my sleeping bag aims to recharge me.

©All right reserved to Nathaniel FlyingOwl