It is as it is and nothing more than that,
this world that we live in is not round
it is flat.
Oh yes,
they try to tell you that we spin round in space and that something called gravity is what keeps us in place,
it’s a crock,they want to lock you in circles so that you’ll also spin round but stay in one place.
This is what’s known as an utter disgrace.

If you walk far enough you will fall off the edge of the earth,where you will then meet the baker, who bakes and gives birth to us all, in order that we might walk far and then fall back into his vast baking tray,
which I accept is a circular route but I don’t give a hoot because I am quite certain that they,
have pulled a curtain of wool over our eyes,oh how I despise them those wise men know nothing,
but I know the world is quite flat and that’s that.

©All right reserved to John Smallshaw