This beating ,that in time will unseat the bravest of all hearts,
starts to bother me,
when all around in circles I can see
the circle of mortality.

let it stop.
Let me go and let me see what silence knows.

Cancel all my future shows and book me in,
thin out the crowd that waits for me,
outside the stage door I can be,
a bit part in the heart of me.

Let me backtrack along the road that took for me the loading of my popularity , and in eyes that could no longer see the universe of thoughts that we
no longer think or shout about,
or tout the tickets for the final act.

There is nothing that I lacked or ever owned and no one ever phoned to say hello, and just how was your day?

Go, and let me lay out on the stage,a dying swan and if it’s true that life goes on,
then I will fly away.

©John Smallshaw all rights reserved