Our colleague, a committed and determine writer and an excellent journalist Rabiea Kharoof is getting an unjust and unwarranted conduct by Radio Annaba after many years serving the station.
Rabiae Kharoof is an Algerian journalist was losing his job and dropped from the position as a writer at “Radio Annaba” and his employment contract is ended in harsh way with no renewal or negotiation offered.
He is arbitrarily terminated by his employer due to his strength of mind to write and to speak with honesty about the current social and political situation.
On 22nd September 2013 Rabiea Kharoof announced and starts a hunger strike to protest the unmerited removal from his office and demanding to be placed at his previous position in the radio station as promised earlier.
The dismissal and discontinuation of the employment contract was reckoned unfair and currently Rabiea Kharoof is trying to have unbiased and unprejudiced action from his employer.
Poets and Artist for A Different World Movement is declared our support and solidarity with Rabiea Kharoof .We demand immediate placement of writer Rabiea Kharoof to his previous position, fair treatment, respectable employment contract renewal to honour his hard work and commitment in journalism and to the station itself.

إلى إذاعة عنابة ..
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للصحفي الجزائري ربيع خروف بعودته إلى العمل فوراً، والذي دخل في إضراب عن الطعام أمام مبنى الاذاعة بعنابة، احتجاجا على طرده منها بمجرد انتهاء العقد الذي يربطهما.
ونناشد الجمعيات الإنسانية والحقوقية بالضغط على مدير الإذاعة من أجل إيجاد حل لقضية الصحفي ربيع، ونحن إذ نعلن تضامننا مع الصحفي ربيع، نحمل الإذاعة كافة المسؤولية في حال تدهور حالته الصحية جراء إضرابه عن الطعام.
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