They held each other
when the night shifted its weight on their heavy chests
pressing itself deeper on their fragile souls
breaths shallow now
hardly raising hollow ribcages
where not long ago a healthy marrow oozed of hope

heartbeats splattering on taut ligaments of pride
tangled in chaos
stretched to breaking point

they held each other
yet comfort slid off their damp skins (as if greased with anguish )
and it dissolved into a darkness that continuously flowed from their veins… filling
any crevice from where a beam of light might have entered; a thought perhaps…

they held each other
silence was high pitched
like lullabies in a nightmare its echoes in bright daylight would linger..
they had nothing else to say to quiet that shriek
tears rationed for a lifetime were already spent
sighs were too weak now to pull out from white lips the rot of despair

they held each other and waited for morning
to hand in the keys

she wanted to ask him something about the kids
but the night shifted its weight again and pressed her words to her throat

they held each other

© All Rights Reserved
Silva Zanoyan Merjanian
December 25, 2012