I never managed to catch up with that walk.
The rhythm of that hip was agonizingly

Her arm has pulled somewhere,
in the direction of my exclusion,
as if she wanted to tie
my body
to the damaged line of the road.

Our heavy steps
simply did not look like
something that occurs
in perfect accord of two
harmonizing bodies.

She was pulling in synchopathy
all my suppressed anger.
If I could imprint thet anger
In the ground beneath,
a crater in the size of
a dinosaur`s feet
would appear
between us.
If that happened,
Nothing could ever bring us back in line

Alas, the invisible threads of her syncopated steps,
although she doesn’t hold my hand anymore,
still sometimes jolts
the tight collar
of memories…
..And threaten me
with the crack of our arduous walks
opened long time ago
in my unsuccessful attempts
to keep up with the dinosaur.

@Nikola Đoković, all rights reserved