Once there was a painter called Artis, on the Schlosshofe of King Arturius, standing in his Majesty’s secret service. King Arturius knew to find enthusiasm often images of skilful Artis.
One day Artis brought a new canvas before his King to the show.
A beautiful sailing ship banned is the way through the mighty waves of the high seas.
The painting liked the King Arturius. In the desire to share the joy with his followers he had they come also to look at the picture:
-Behold the new factory of my painter of Artis, so I would like to hear your opinion now!
The attention of consultants and officials has long been focused on the painting, from estimating and with scrutiny. So one spoke openly after all:
-Your Highness, the picture is beautiful, only the ship is too small for such a huge sail.
-With all due respect your Majesty, the sail is not too great but the waves too much – another said.
-Oh no… No, this is already his order, but no exact distinction between the sea and the sky, the image reveals – another interjected.
And after more and more complaints and complaints on account of the image fell, the King dissolved the node of the voltage:
-Let the report but the painter even slightly on the painting.
The painter said nothing. Silently, as he slowly approached the screen, he performed with one leg over the railing on the ship Board, and the confused King’s followers stared long mute on the sailing ship slowly disappearing on the horizon.

I am trying to build only my own ship.

Lalo Srkalovic