12 crows sitting across the street
scattered wings of origin
perched from the tree tops
to the hanging branches below

someone is here visiting us

misunderstandings found in
history’s unknown truths
feelings that come over you when
you know you’re not alone

drop of rain touching trenched
soil secret in magic’s reconciliation

an eye summoning autumn’s flower

our souls last tear — love
calling out for collectivism

in this world of fame there are
many forces that stand against
man’s idol tides of destruction

voices heard in the silence of the
wind, modernization scattered
across time’s voided scheme

players in twilight’s hour
calling out to you, asking you
to take a moment to listen to

nature’s wish, rhythms found
in her breath violent yet caring

in a succession of union
lights appearing one at a time
here and there throughout
bear wolf earth’s seeded wilderness

all along the way life’s song
giving us a chance
for solitude in love’s redemption

there can be no blame in
our yesterday or in our search
for the way of tomorrow

here lies the
warble answer to
the diseased

rumors and innuendoes of our heritage

you know there is nothing to finding
peace if we will only allow ourselves to believe
in the vision found in god’s dream

a bird heard in the night
to us his song of forgiveness

© All Rights Reserved
by joseph mayo wristen