September now,
and the year outpaces me
I race it but can’t catch my breath
and coming up,fast from behind,riding a bicycle though he’s blind is death,with fingers cold as ice,
and you thought sweating wasn’t nice,let me sweat,
let me get a bit more time to end this race.
Death, please turn and face the other way beat me to the finish line another day
and death just nods,
two sodding dogs which lag some where in the rear,bark to let me know the end is near,
I howl they growl, a sound that no one should ever hear.
September now,
and how I’ve loved the months before,been up and down and loved them even more.
September Autumn song,
so long I won’t hear you again
won’t see leaves fall or feel the rain for I am chained to destiny,her and me, a fait accompli,the ally,she cracks the whip and I comply.

September now,how I wish it wasn’t so.

©John Smallshaw all rights reserved