The road stopped short in colors, tall
Her weakened knees by sadness’, crawl
And incidents that seamed a rift
Bled in hues, discretely sift

Abrupt, limped hope, stalled in time
To leave her sleeved heart in crime
To judge souls as all book covers
Exchange the range for prismed lovers

Melancholy streaks the path
Where love was clothed in errant wrath
Tears awash from flooded soul
Drain to rest where lonely stroll

Flutter butter alibis
Whose clipped wings made silence cry
The graceful flight made soft descent
In rainbow petals sore regret
Hues of souls collect like rain
To splash a dash in red-blue pain
To learn alone how love should be
Calls to mind: transparency

A nay for nay as one could ask
To be so true poured sweet wine’s flask
The words to match the heart’s calm gait
Captures time where friends will wait

Sanctuary’s loving arms
Shields afield suspected harms
When grace has found a solaced place
Will light a spirit’s ardent face

True renews that garden heart
Lilac scented human art
Where streams for faith are glad, extoll
Rejoice refrains these hues of soul

Poetry by
©Marck Riggins all rights reserved