In the dark streets where I strolled,
Without knowing where my not to drive me,
The torn heart, i was looking my Little Half,
That prematurely, that The Death snatched me.

In the streets where I strolled,
The faceless shadows look at me
A cold light emanated,
At each of their contacts I shuddered;
But a gentle heat swirled around me and protected me.

In the dark streets where i strolled,
In front of a dilapidated facade i stopped,
A dark entrance drawing been
The light heart, i am to go engulfed.
In the center of a room, a soft glow emanated,
The faceless shadows were prostrate,
In front a lifeless body lay,
The bright and illuminated face
Smiled at The Death which it to take away

The mild soul I surplombais it
Knowing that it was to Thee I smiled,
Because I finally found you, Little Sister, my Little Half.
In the sky you carried me
Hand in hand we danced,
For eternity, joy found.

(By Faten Gharbi) Translate of Petite Moitié all rights reserved