I’ve reached the vanishing point
without you.

Here my heartache begins with your pain
trying to find an unborn start
in this fatal disappearance.

I still feel-
your dark days desperately desires
to uncloud my insomniac night sky.

Yet all in vain;
for another heartache is born
to celebrate the birth of an infant dejection
(not only of my own misery
but also from your tormented hardship)

It leaves you to cry
and me to weep
You sigh
You regret
And I shed tears-
tears of uncertainty
to be entombed
in a perfectly preserved memory
from our future’s funeral

Here melancholy lingers to be traceless.
It wants to set out
to find the missing sorrow
that has been secretly hiding
between your fate and mine
in disguise of realism.

Today my invisible heart bleeds
as I embrace the vanishing point
thinking it is you…

Written : 9th September,2012

Munia Khan©2012