Life is but a cinemax,let’s face the facts
we travel round and round the screen and though we’d like to be a scene within the picture that’s being seen,we haven’t got a hope in hell.
They sell these scenes to make our dreams and any scenes we may fall in are cut and put into the bin.
The real sin lies in the lies we’re told,
as the green screen folds our lives in two
and the camera crew don’t give a frig, to us, the not so big that we don’t matter but we could shatter all their dreams by boycotting their clapped out screens and yet we still pretend that in the end,we’ll get our break,take our fifteen minutes of fame,
well,thank you all the same I’d sooner not,I’d sooner scratch the spot that’s sat upon my bum,
and one day anyway the day will come when we all get our moment in the spotlight of the sun
so why worry?

©John Smallshaw all rights reserved