The People Weep

I feel alone like the world walked away
As I fall to my knees and beg you to stay
Darkness is closing in as the world fades to grey
And a voice whispers
Run for the light and your going to break free
Swing from a star and let what’s going to be, be
Reach for my hand and I pull you to me
And my soul blisters
I’m stuck in the hell that you left me in
Surrounded by hate and sorrow and sin
Begging the world just to be my friend
And my heart breaks
So I ran for the light and reached out for your hand
I know in this world we must all take a stand
Live for the love and stop making demands
And the world quakes
Stubbornness is not the best suit I can play
I took your hand now ask me to stay
Promise me your never going to go away
And the people weep
We are together in the warmth of the light
I knew you would come make everything alright
Now pull me close and hold me tight
And we drift to sleep

Written by…Holly Lucas all rights reeserved