I saw the dealing of the cards,the ace of clubs,the diamonds,spades
but I have made my pact in hearts
the one that breaks and heals and seals upon another deal,
and you
took me, through a left hand turn
shared with me
a love that burned my tongue and fingers,how the taste of you still lingers on the deck,on the table and on the floor where we dealt more than cards upon our suits of nakedness.
Then later clothed lest we upset the kings and queens we laughed,as if they’d never seen before,two lovers on the table,floor
and I adored you more and more than any game I’d ever played,
my Queen,
and I,
your knave.

If I could save this hand I hold
If only I had told you how I felt
If only
I had knelt just one more time to taste the wine that flowed from precious lips.
I could carry on,
but the point is that you’re gone
so there is no point
I no longer care
for cards,
I play

©John Smallshaw all rights reserved