Born in Palestine in 1950. Graduated from Baghdad University in Arabic literature. He lived for some time in: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus and Tunisia. He gains his living as journalist and editor. He was chief editor of many literature magazines.
1- Last Poems 1981
2- Hand Crafts 1990
3- The Horse Passes Iskadar 1994
4- Sun Stroke 2003
5- Stones of astonishment 2008.
1- The Blanck Eye 1997
2- Cyclamen 2002
He has also:
1- On the Palestinian culture questions.
2- The Minatare Rooster: assays about the Palestinian cultural
and social problems.
1- Pr-Islam proverbs between myth and rituals 2010
2- The Three religion Sects of Mecca before Islam
From: Anthology of Modern Palestinian Litrature, Edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Columbia University Press, New York, 1992 :
“Zakaria’s poetry is one the great examples of modern Arabic
poetry, in which the inherited spirit of heroics and self-assertiveness, so rampant in the old poetry and in much of the poetry of the older generation of Arab poets, has totally disappeared, and where language is modernized, echoing the real pulse and rhythms of contemporary Arab life”. Page 224
“We have Zakaria Mohammed who, above all others has more radically broken with the old heroic stance, the stance of the poet as a hero and liberator shouldering great national responsibilities… He writes poetry that is confessional, intimate, almost self-deprecating, but weighted, nevertheless, with great collective consciousness of his people”.