Holly Lucas a poet from Bremerton Washington. She started writing when she was thirteen years old. Writing is one of her greatest joys. She loves being able to touch a persons soul with herwriting. God gave her the ability to choose just the right words at the right time. For that she is truly blessed. One of her wish that she could make the world as perfect as her poems.Erase all the bad parts and leave only the good. Herpen is mighty but one person can do only so much. So for now she hopes to make this world a little better by sharing the beauty of herwriting.She hopes it touches your heart and makes your day a little brighter.

**Where Heaven Begins

At the edge of the world where the river ends And the water falls and it pulls you in Where the beautiful eagle soars above And the heavens reach down to show it love You feel the warmth of a beautiful day And the sound of the water takes you away In pure delight you free your mind The weight of the world is left behind Then a ray of sunshine kisses your face As you drift away in this blissful place Where the birds they sing a heavenly tune And the breeze blows the flowers in summers bloom You feel the mist as the water falls The mighty trees stand proud and tall The dragonfly jots here and there The fragrance of flowers linger in the air You dream of angels and how they fly You search for heaven in the sky At the edge of the world where heaven begins These blissful moments never end You feel only warmth and love And a heavenly kiss from heaven above Where you choose to bask in bliss of the day Where heaven begins and the world slips away

copyright ©Holly Lucas all rights reserved