Land Ahoy
Though we are timber
Cannon shot
And some in slumber
Quite a number
Died in here
Some of love
The others , fear

The arteries of
Civililized tradition
Encoded road map
Lines of red
Follow a path
As the crow flies
To pagan child
The son of man
It’s bound to be
Some ritual or rite
Am I still other?
Am I mother?
Angry soul
And cautious lover
Swapping each one
For another
Am I other?
Or Otherwise
Date stamped on me
Shelf life empty
Like a petrol station
I am magnet
To the rush
Of gravity
It’s kiss
And kin
Assassin for the
Guilty party

Mass must wait
Or lose it’s turn
Ever the immovable feast
Tree to man
And nail to feet
Feel his spirit
Spit it
I just like the
Pretty lights
There’s always blood
Always a bath
Throw in a lamp
And watch the spark
What’s mine is mine
It’s mostly brine
And Caesarian section
No wave to turn
No six inch blade
Just Cellophane
To see
While bound
I’ll never turn
This ship around
So there’s your land
And here’s my hand
Now watch the reef
And don’t look back
What’s mine is mine
And so’s my mind
Adrift for such a little time

copyright © John Prastitis all rights reserved