bridge to your
mind looking
pass the obvious

searching for
another kind of
to me
how you see the world

what is wrong my friend
my magic it is yours
take it, there are no
conditions turn the
grayness that surrounds
into any color you desire

foundation of the
yard shield cress
of a lambs loin
turn the banner
of their dreams
into love’s vision

field fragrance lily

let them feel your
passion the message
that binds your will

and you will find that
the meanings inside the
cup are stronger than
any other truth outside
the leaf’s message

until our minds touch
again take my thoughts
for you, fields blooming
under sail sun rays turning
into a different world

do what ever you feel
is needed to be done,
child of the stars

sharing with you all
i know
hoping you understand
the why ness of how
those who believe as you
will love you always
for the way you are

by joseph mayo wristen
© All Rights Reserved