Notorious affliction, undoer of pride
Vilified harridan, scurrilous bride
Radiant catastrophe, glorious destiny
Daughter of oblivion, awaken my memory

Inhuman paramour, scandalous star
Harlot superior, too dear to be far
Ruinous prosperity, heavenly calamity
Curse of insanity, you rightly belittle me

Mauled in the gutter, convulsing I crept
Breathless I stuttered, brimming I wept
Holy concavity of carnal hyperbole
Please take the lead, I’m out of my depth

Shimmering prodigy of infinite charity
On a threshold removed, you blur as I brood
Immortal avenger of the unduly obsessed
Unman or unhand me but don’t leave me bereft

Written by © Raven Drake