Words that keep on coming
into my crazy mind, but why?
they enter they run around,
confuse, they drive me mad.

Nuisance this world of ours,
silly too the words that come,
they go away to come again,
in and out, they roundabout.

Turning they fly into my mind,
where or how who made these
crazy words come in, silly too
To I find my mind so troubled.

Am I mad, am I sane, am I crazy,
am I nuts, am I around the bend,
am I creating, do I have a problem,
do I have a gift for crazy thoughts?

Is it wrong to question, wrong to ask,
is the world mad or am I pretty dumb,
or should I become like a good sheep,
become a flock, a clique, a tag along?

I need to have an answer or a reply;
life is everywhere, so beautiful to see,
people love, they have their families,
they help each other, they marry too.

In all the crazy words, questions found;
if our world is full of beauty, full of growth,
if we love someone who is a human being,
a member of the human race that cares.

Most try to make a better world to live,
yet some who believe in this or that,
try to sweep the love the care away,
they kill, they hurt, they make the war.

Why use weapons to destroy beauty
of our world, make the bombs, the guns
that kill, spoil our world, hurt, injure
wound people, damage work that’s built?

If you can say my crazy words are wrong,
and give good reasons why you’d rather war,
kill people, destroy their homes their lives,
destroy trust, truth, spread hate not love.

Than live a life of love, harmony, of peace.
Convince me of your love for all mankind,
Only then and with much persuasion will I
be a good sheep, who follows, tags along.

Indifferent, unconcerned by worlds at war.

Bob Blackwell © all rights reserved