At times it seems that lines are all I’ve got
not complaining though
’cause I like lines
I like lines a lot
they’re sleek and meet you far away.

I walk on these lines everyday
straight lines I find are always best
can’t stand the wavy ones
the crazy ones that shuffle,scuffle and take you round the bend
they’re enough to send me off the rails
send me on uncharted trails.

I like the lines of beauty
infinite in symmetry
delightful in simplicity
a lack of them in this,the City
but I don’t mind
I find the ones I know are here and wander off to some unknown end where other lines that angle off will send me back again
and I refrain from deviating off these lines
into other scrub marked lines which are the lines of older times
well trodden down and almost worn away
but they’ll remain and stay as a memory
of what lines should never and not be.
I see those lines scored on your face
a face
a face
I see the grace and beauty too
that is what these lines of times can do
each mile post sign etched by a line and so lovely for me to see
it means I’m on the road on which you live
and heading off to be
another line upon the track
another never looking back
and one more reason why I love
these lines
so left so,so right
so knocking on your door on what is halfway through the night
I hope the future that we see is lit by lines so bright they’ll light another
line upon the road
another road upon each line
and one more time that we will be
in Synchronicity
a harmonic playing
in an eternity
of lines.

copyright ©John Smallshaw all rights reserved