Out across the Northern sea
she sits serenely watching me as I sit watching her
two chairs,one space
and Skype lets me
look on her face.
So beautiful,
I’m full of glee
but she sits quietly watching me and sees in telescopic sight a man that might appeal and could feel her heart beat tenderly
somewhere across the Northern sea.

I felt the winds ride in her hair as the ocean carries me off,where we’ll meet,and yes, her heart beats tenderly.
I’ll be her picture on the wall,with colours bright so when she calls to me across the Northern sea,
I’ll be in frame
Just wait and she will call my name.
This type of Skyping is no game for children or for lesser men.
When oceans rise and flow quite freely from her eyes
I shall sail across the sea to be wallpapered on her screen,compute the distance,data insistence regulates
and eventually terminates the nightly talk.
tonight I walk
tomorrow free
for we will skype again,
I see the Northern lights
she sees in telescopic sight this man
who waits upon the Southern shore
wanting more.

Oh internet
you’ll not regret this meeting of the continents and quite content I sit and wait
until the data gate is opened up for me.
she sits and waits somewhere across
the Northern sea.

copyright © John Smallshaw all rights reserved