© 2008-2013 Scott “Nadi” Gray
Musing of Scott Gray, written after a discussion with a friend 29 Mar 2008

There is a giant sphere that is everything, all that exists, rolling and twisting like a giant stone frictionless yet grinding.

Our life form, human existence, this life, this life form is but a ray of light emanating from the sphere of existence.

We belong to the sphere. We are the sphere. We may never find it but it can never lose us.

The ray of light is our current consciousness of reality, our current residence, but not our home.

Our home is one with all. We are all, belong to all, everywhere, all the time.

Our anxiety springs from mistaking the ray of light for something permanent, of its own making and for its own purpose.

The ray blinds almost all to the sphere. They do not seek it, never know to look for the unknown, never sense pure dimensions of interdependence.

The sphere is grasped through acts of release. Releasing the ray’s illusion of permanence and releasing our search for the sphere.

We simply accept it; find it within all and all within it.

copyright © Nadi Gray all rights reserved