Monkeys,flunkies and corporation junkies
fixing in the alleyways
dripping down the drains
floating through the chemicals that race around their veins.
It’s one more night in needleville
one more chill to chase away
one more package to unwrap
and one more slap to bring me down
another cost to needle town
another bag of bobby brown and you may frown but here’s the proof.
addicts jumping off the roof and flying,
trying not to burn and crash
not earning any cash and smoking too much hash or weed, we need a calculator later to tot up those who chose in altered states to alter fate and change,
Oh yes
we’ll change the running order of the day and chase the monkey junkie far away so he or she can swing and sing somewhere,
where anyone who cares don’t care and no one but the corporation bears the cost and all is lost.

In the translation of men to mice and dipped in deep into the spice of easy living
someone is dealing wild cards
giving out some favours in back yard drinking dens where mice and men sit eating cheese
and crumbling biscuits in those special teas that make you think you’re drinking honey
all it costs is more than money
more than hope which coils around, and if you can cope with that,
a cat
matt black and growling starts to howl and drools at schools of playing cards and mice,tasting spice he moves in for the kill
will you wait?
will fate single you alone and don’t you wish that you were home in bed and this was all a dream?

No ballet steps or needles dancing through your skin
No pins to prod
no rod upon your back or yoke to drag you to the ground
no swooping sound of crashing monkeys
no flunkies,corporation junkies
just you
through and through and written in the final chapter
a bit of life
a bit of love and laughter
a touch of sun.

While running in the outside lane we have to smash into some pain or crash into the barriers and trash ourselves a bit
it is just the beings that some are, to drive through life but minus car ,imagining we’ll get as far away and wish,
I wish on every star,not wanting to waste a chance or two to shine
and could you shine so bright to lighten loads that carry us on in the night
and if you can
then shine on
shine to help your fellow man.
copyright © John Smallshaw all rights reserved