What is it but for the things we see
that we
could endure and long to be
in symmetry
with nature and its fragility.

Should we beside the wayside fall
then let the call we hear be of a nature
unsullied by the waste of man,
if a wasteland was the plan
then let it rule in city centres and pedestrian zones where empty shops are filled with pay day loan accounts
and when the fountains of our hopes run dry and curses rain up to the sky
perhaps we’ll try another plan.

Let the nature of the beast be tamed,let man reconquer what was lost or given to the winds
what would it cost? and we cannot lose what we have not got.

A shot in the dark.

A walk in the park where the breath of grass would not pass unnoticed,
sweet smelling
spelling out the tracks we make
take another listen, look
the sound you hear is the babbling of a brook,not the rushing of a crowd out loud
but the gentleness that gathers pace
as we must also stop and face
the fact that nature is the only way to go
like lovers that we are,we show
the way.

copyright © John Smallshaw all rights reserved