I was locked in love
With Persephone
A raging sea
A burning sun
My blood wept tears
My tears were blood
A sacrifice to all my faults
The sound and fury
Slings and arrows
Retard king
With broken toys
My bones bent crooked
I limped with poise
And needles entered
With no noise

I begged the crows
“peck out my eyes”
I see too much
I would be blind
This love is like
A funeral pyre
All licking flames
And rising heat

Put out these flames
With vinegar

Give me a bible
I feel like praying
Kiss my face
And catch my tears
Cut these ropes
And take your knife
Press the blade
Against my skin

I am not without
I am within

The light that leaves me
With this act
Is as a comet
Being tracked
The light, it shifts
From North to East
It has not gone
Just been released

copyright © John Prastitis all rights reserved