Prayer of the blood”

With prayer of the blood and/Nobody received the blood.
Prayer of the blood/(There is it in a heart.)I poured everybody my blood,As for the people, nobody
received my blood.
I poured everybody my blood,I was able to enter over and over again.The blood accepted nobody.
Prayer of the blood,I was going to be accepted over and over again.However, nobody received it.
I repeated prayer of the blood repeatedly.I soaked into the earth before long and soaked and
soaked.I became the blood of the earth and became the wisdom.
I became the blood of the earth and became the wisdom. But nobody understood the wisdom.
The blood does not become the intellect,With prayer of the blood and,With prayer of the blood and,
Even if blood does not become the intellect, it repeats itself repeatedly.Repetition, repetition.
Prayer of the blood/The prayer of the intellect soaks into the earth and gets.
It repeats itself repeatedly till blood becomes the intellect.Prayer of the blood.Repetition,repetition.

Passion.Collage.Mixed media.
copyright © Kokichi Umezaki all rights reserved