After reading all of the brilliant poetry and seeing the fabulous art this week, I wasn’t going to post anything – but this (unfinished as usual!) piece is very important to my life at the moment so I thought….! (Don’t forget it’s not finished!) x

Ben Cusden
29 July 2013

I’m getting ready to cross the country.
To move my fat body
Across the counties.
Leaving my home and my wife
And my certainties.
To go where I grew
Which once was a home for me.
Still full of love
And warmth
But uncertainty.

Where once the future
Stretched out before us
Suddenly life shows us our…

And my loving individuals
Hold their hands up –
Salute the sky
And cry:
“This is us…
We are ready to die!”…… (and they smile, valiantly)

I am selfish
I need my conformity.
I beggar security.
“Love togetherness
To be foreverness.”
I won’t
The Loss.
But I smile (with strength)
As I presume you won’t go.
copyright © Benjamin Gestaltung Cusden all rights reserved