Shadow of the Sun crossing over
a winter night Moon visiting

Venus’s path way to time’s heaven

each day bringing a new image
each moment of a changing sky’

Moon printed tides effecting our
world’s uniqueness its reflections

taking us to sand beams floating
out of our past, formulating our


An eclipse idea displaying
astrological charts characterizing

our individual identities.

Our world changing in direct
to the placement of the stars.

“` the light of the Moon “`

its appearance a little different
each time we find it waiting for
us to reach our dreams, showing

us the significance in understanding
who we are what has brought us to
this place and time in our Universe.

Adventures taken under
it’s presence its giddiness
allowing us
to go anyplace we might
choose to go.

Shadow of the Sun crossing over
a winter night Moon visiting

Venus’s path way to the heaven

“` the light of the Moon “`

its secrets orbiting our earthly
visions reminding us of
how vulnerable we really are.


We live in a world where the truth
has be twisted to accommodate
agendas that have nothing to do
with what is important.. It is time

that those who have deceived us
are held accountable – allowing the

world of tomorrow to be the one
that was envisioned for us by our


A world where people live
together with an understanding
that each person has the right
to choose their way as long as
that choice does not do harm.

The Great souls who have walked earth have always been connected by Spirit regardless of how we try to seperate their wants for use. The
truth is that they all wanted the same thing for each and everyone of us to know love before fear of one another regardless of our earthly circumstances..

poem by joseph mayo written
started May 20th 2012
finished July 24th 2013

photo was taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Koran mentions an eclipse that preceded the birth of Mohammed. Historians later tied this to a total eclipse that lasted three minutes and 17 seconds in 569 C.E. The sun also disappeared for one minute and 40 seconds after the death of Mohammed’s son Ibrahim. But the world’s first Muslim didn’t believe that eclipse was a sign from God. Instead, according to Islamic texts called the Hadiths, Mohammed proclaimed “the sun and the moon do not suffer eclipse for any one’s death or life.”

It is my belief that Mohammed acclaimed this as a fact to recognize that the sky darkening for hours after the crucifixion of Jesus, was a miracle.
And not as later historians have stated a total eclipse, that blocked the Sun for four minutes and six second, in 33 C.E. . That He – They – all of the Great Spiritual leaders of our history must have felt – lived with the energy of Nature and man combined, known what it meant when these energies were untied by the wisdom of God. The things that were to be learn.

I think He (Mohammed) realized even then what some would do in
our future to make it so we would somehow forget what
the difference between love and ruthfulness how it affects our life’s.

Everyone entitled to their beliefs it seems to me that the light of the Moon does not turn men into evil creatures (no that is mans vanity that creates such things). And that the light of the Moon is a light in the darkness that is there waiting for us to see a new way for our future – if we so choose to.
copyright © Joseph Mayo Wristen all rights reserved