Here’s the story told to me about our glorious infantry.

Louts,rapscallions,friends battalions
arm in arm and full of glee
marching off to join the infantry.

In the rear lines drinking fine wines,hock,moselle,some burgundy
and some drinking ginseng flavoured tea from some far flung idea of Empire
while only half a mile along the road the whole world was on fire,
were the fat arsed generals with their horses, waiting on their second courses,
crepes and franzipans and to a man they didn’t care that the stinking war was waiting there,
‘let the bastards wait’,they’d say,
after all that was the gentlemanly way.

The bullets striped us left to right and falling into our own falling shite we’d call for mum and dad
aye lads
aye lads
war is bad
but for the buggers at the rear who never so much as once came near the sound of a gun,
war was fun a chance to socialise,
society is full of lies and leaders they were not.
But death’s got their number on his shell,they’ll soon be joining us in hell,
so bugger them and sod the lot
were in a spot,we’ll not get home,splintered bone and mangled limb and corporal thinks it’s still a sin to swear
well bugger him as well,we no longer care.
As we share a final smoke,Johnny tells his favourite joke about three generals and some place called,but I forget the punch line as the time has come for one more bullet,one more gun and silence.

In Croydon,Roydon and North of Watford Gap,families are spoon fed some wholesome krap from drip fed Sergeants,battle,shield and argent,honour King and all the other little things that the senselessness of death brings home.
Let them keep their fields filled full with glory,we know the dirty shit filled story,
war is bad
war is bad
I’m glad that I can’t fight no more.
copyright © John Smallshaw all rights reserved