Did we then sit beside Zeus and talk of men
was Hera there,when we talked of
the virgin Artemis,who with a kiss to thrill, for a kiss to kill,for a fire that Hestia lit upon the mountain top.
While Iris painted colours on the rainbow bright,Persephone and Hades lived a permanent night in their underworld,where all mankind would fear to go,
and Aphrodite trod lightly among the strewn flowers of love, with beauty and the wisdom of Athena
I wish I’d seen her face.
Apollo painted her nude on the bed and Ares went to war with that picture in his head and all the Gods said,
‘what is but a wonderful sight,that we see our good people being slain in the night’,for the old Gods were callous and jealous to a fault,thinking nothing of sending a lightning bolt to destroy what man made.
Neptune and Poseidon had tried to be nice but with water in their veins that ran cold as ice,they gave up and went home to the sea,saying,
‘the mountain is no place to be for us seafaring deity,and with duty being done at the set of the sun and when the moon crooned slowly against the still of the sky,
the Gods slept.
copyright © John Smallshaw all rights reserved